Share the film, grow the movement. 

If your mate's acting differently, step in. 

Being in someone's corner doesn't have to be hard. Read more. 

It's important to be open to mental health. 

3 people in your class will have a mental health problem. Be there for them. 

Take action at work, in school or your community. 

Latest personal stories

Being in your mate's corner can make the world of difference

I have experienced poor mental health at times for most of my life and always struggled with emotions, thoughts and low confidence. I had a big...

You don't have to be an expert to look out for your mate

Why are we so shy when it comes to reaching out? So many people will experience mental health problems, but a lot of us – especially men – still...

Latest news and comment

Today, Time to Change, will kick-off a five year campaign to encourage men to be in their mate’s corner and be more open and supportive of the 1 in...

As part of the Heads Together campaign, Prince Harry today visited the London Ambulance Service to help kick off this year’s Time to Talk Day,...

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