Mental health professionals

1 in 3 people report discrimination within mental health services. For some, this feels like being invisible.

Over the last few years there has been a significant improvement in public attitudes towards mental health problems, however people continue to report experiencing discrimination within mental health services. 

Working with professionals and people using services, we’ve teamed up with NHS England to develop a training pack that encourages open dialogue about the positive changes that can be made to improve culture and practice.

The pack is available to all Trusts in England, and includes a film with supporting materials, to be used as part of staff supervisions.

What's in the pack?

Find out about the successful pilot schemes that have informed this initiative.

Free training pack for all Trusts in England. 

Read the research that this training responds to, plus access additional support and information.

Hear professionals and people who have used services, talk about their experiences - and the things that made a difference.

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