Our growing movement exists to transform how we all think and act about mental health problems.

We believe this is the generation for change. By joining together, we can make sure that more people are open to talking and listening about mental health problems than ever before.

To help us achieve our ambitions we work across a number of key areas:

Workplaces – we work with employers to help them create more open workplaces where staff are encouraged to talk and listen

Communities – we work with communities, organisations and individual champions to make positive change happen locally

Schools – we work with young people, teachers and parents to improve knowledge, attitudes and behaviour

Social marketing – we use audience insight to create impactful advertising campaigns which change people’s attitudes and behaviours

Local hubs - we are working with four groups of local organisations to change attitudes in their communities

Time to Talk Day – our annual day to get the nation talking about mental health is now in its fifth year and has got millions of people having conversations which change lives

Mental health professionals – We ran a pilot project to tackle people’s experiences of discrimination in mental health services

Global Stigma Alliance –We’re a member of the Global Stigma Alliance which was set up in 2012 to share learning, best practice and latest evidence between countries 


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