Advice and tips on living with mental illness

These blogs offer advice and tips on how to talk about mental health to friends, colleagues and family as well as more general tips on dealing with mental illness.

They are written by people with personal experiences of mental health problems who, through talking about mental health openly, aim to break down stereotypes and take the taboo out of something that affects people across the country.

For instance, Shea wrote about the experiences of her and her husband and offers 5 top tips for dealing with mental health in a relationship.

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Stress and mental illness: Talking about the 'glass ceiling for men'

We all know stress.  Most of us have experienced a growing sense of panic for instance when having too much to do all at one time, while deep down we either want to shout in fury or run away.

A real, almost physical change to the body, a chemical rearranging of hormones, transmitters, biochemical connections…

The patient is a person just like anyone else: Changing attitudes to self harm

Warning, this post may be triggering for some readers.


It’s this year that I reach 10 years since having first been diagnosed with a mental health problem, and I’m delighted by how attitudes seem to be changing for the better, particularly in primary care, such as A&E departments. Josie's blog


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