Friends, family and mental health: blogs and stories

These blogs are written by people with personal experience of mental health problems and about their experiences of friends, family and mental health. This could be a mother writing about how she supported her daughter or someone writing about how their friends treated them differently after learning of their mental illness

Our Stigma Shout survey showed that almost 9 out of 10 people with mental health problems (87%) reported the negative impact of stigma and discrimination on their lives. The research also showed that the way family, friends, neighbours and colleagues behave can have a big impact on the lives of people with mental health problems.

Simply talking to someone about their mental health problem can help strengthen relationships, help recovery and challenge the stigmatising stereotypes that surround mental illness.

By writing about their personal experiences of mental health, these bloggers aim to break down stereotypes and take the taboo out of something that affects people across the country. Pledge to share your experience of mental health today >>

Being there for my daughter when she needed me most

Something had scrambled Lily’s mind.

Huddled between her mother and me in the minimalist reception at at a Child Psychiatric Unit, my daughter jigged one knee like a drummer who couldn’t stop, staring ahead consumed with thoughts she couldn’t articulate. The normal parental assurances had little effect; we were three disorientated people in a strange environment.

You do not need to be an expert on mental health to be an effective listener

Introversion woven with a cynical attitude towards one’s self can be truly exhausting, especially in social settings. Emily's blog Upon meeting me people have usually commented on how “quiet” and “shy” I am, which can be quite humiliating, although I believe I am finally learning to accept this aspect of myself.

I have been embarrassed about my depression and anxiety but I am not anymore

My name’s Amanda. I'm a mother of 4 young boys. Amanda's blog It's actually quite hard to type this, but I've suffered depression for years - I have panic attacks and really bad anxiety. There are days I cry all day and don't want to go on. I keep on going for my children, my boys.


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