Mental health stigma and discrimination: blogs and stories

1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem in any given year. When we make assumptions about how mental health problems will affect someone's behaviour, this makes it more likely that they will be singled out, or labelled as different, dangerous or strange. This is what we call stigma. Treating someone differently from how we treat others because of their mental health, whether consciously or subconsciously, is what we call discrimination.

People with mental illnesses often experience stigma and discrimination that can be worse than the illness itself. In our Stigma Shout survey, 9 out 10 people with mental health problems reported the negative impact of stigma and discrimination on their lives.

These blogs are written by people who have personal experiences of mental health stigma or discrimination and illustrate how it can affect them.

You can help by ensuring your friend or relative is not afraid to speak out about mental health or is left wondering where they can turn for help. Read our tips on talking or pledge to talk about mental health today >>

Taking part in the 'Get the Picture' campaign

To blog or not to blog... that was the question. A simple question you might think but, for me, one for careful consideration. So 30 seconds after being asked I clicked send on my email responding "yes no problem". A further 30 seconds and I was thinking 'eeek' what have I done! It's a common situation for me when I'm well; I want to grab the moments and opportunities that life presents.

I have been embarrassed about my depression and anxiety but I am not anymore

My name’s Amanda. I'm a mother of 4 young boys. Amanda's blog It's actually quite hard to type this, but I've suffered depression for years - I have panic attacks and really bad anxiety. There are days I cry all day and don't want to go on. I keep on going for my children, my boys.


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