Talking about mental health

The small things show me that I am not alone

Recently I had a time when my mental health deteriorated significantly and I was very unwell.Hannah's blog I decided to tell one of my friends what was going on because she was coming over to see me and I knew she might cross paths with one of the nurses (and I’ve learnt from experience the awkwardness this can cause if there is no pre-warning).

The one small thing that helps me

I’ll start with “how are you?”.Sophie's blog How are you today? Are you feeling happy? Sad? Tired? Angry even? Many of us will reply with “I’m fine”. But what does that mean? It’s become such as stoic expression that hides how we really feel. Being a person with mental health problems, the word “fine” can hide my anxiety, my thoughts and obsessions. It can hide how I’m feeling in reality.

The small things my family and friends do for me add up

Everyone has bad days, where they feel the world is against them or they are down on luck.Lauren's blog For people with mental health issues, it can be an excruciating and exhausting experience. Daily life is enough of a struggle for us to cope with without additional pressures that poor mental health can bring.


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