Talking about mental health

If you're worried about your friends' mental health, talk to them

If I didn't have my friends I wouldn't be as happy as I am now. In my darkest moments, they support me. When I feel like there is no light, they switch it on. When my thoughts are drowning me, they give me a new perspective. When I feel like a failure, they remind me of my worth. At every single point of my journey through life, they celebrate my achievements and my happiness, and they support me through despair. They make sure I never feel alone. They never pretended to know the answers.

All my friends had to do was lend an ear

My name is Andy.  I’ve suffered terribly with depression and anxiety for as long as I can remember but I’ve only come to terms with it over the last 18 months.                                       

In 2008 my closest circle of friends of five, sadly became a circle of 4 following the untimely death of Perry.  Perry committed suicide after his wife left him and I still kick myself every time I think of him as I simply could not see the signs.  The remaining four of us celebrate Perry’s life on the anniversary of his death every year.

Just be yourself around a mate with a mental health problem

Matthew, well ‘Matty’, is the oldest friend I have. We actually met walking to primary school on the very first day and have been friends ever since. We went through school and college together and although we went to different universities and both moved away for a number of years – whenever we met up it was always like we’d never been away. This is still true now nearly 40 years later.


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