Talking about mental health

It's by asking not fixing that people can help the most

Everyone knows what a bad day's like. I'd come to the end of my temporary job. I now just had the long commute left; the only part of this job I wouldn't miss. I waited some time in the cold before the bus arrived, and sat on it long enough to just see the pharmacy close its doors at the other end of my journey. I wasn't going to be picking up my prescription today. The shops had shut, so I wasn't going to be able to pick up a drink and a snack to be able to take my next lot of painkillers (it's not advised to take them on an empty stomach).

Everything is so much brighter now I've started talking about my mental health

jasmineIt’s not easy accepting yourself when you’re watching everyone else getting on with life, rolling through the situations which you find hard. It almost makes you feel alien. In the past, before I had not quite explained the depths of my problems to anyone, I was so quick to want to give up. Attempting suicide from the outside was "to gain attention" and "selfish to my children and family".


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