Talking about mental health

Hold on, pain ends: My positive experience of opening up about mental illness

Approaching the day I felt a range of emotions. Rikki You could say a tranquil excitement. There was no fear. I maintained an inner confidence and believed however the day went – I’d ‘made it’ regardless. I had more than enough time to comprehend well in advance what I was going to do.

Stigma is powerless ash at my feet: How speaking out has transformed me

Join me. 

February 1998. Shell-shocked after a nervous breakdown. I receive my mental illness diagnosis. I have bipolar disorder.

On the wobbly new-born legs of a new identity. I had crossed that big fat safe line between “us” - the sane, and “them” - the mad. I was one of "them". I lost my glamorous, well paid job in the West End of London managing A list celebrities. I was Mentally Ill. For life. I was only 25.


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