Talking about mental health

Why I decided to share all about being admitted to a psychiatric ward

When I was first admitted to my local psychiatric ward, I was mortified and had no idea how I could articulate what was happening without being gossiped about and being judged. Zoe's blogI decided that, apart from my close friends, this would remain a secret. When I was first admitted, it was for a short admission for a few days so I thought I was going to be off for a week which would be easy to cover up.

The only way to end stigma around Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder is to talk about it

I’ve grown up struggling with things the people around me found easy.Nancy's blog I barely went to secondary school and, when I did, I was frequently told people forgot I went there. Between 11 and 16 I was in and out of the counsellor’s office and, because I was so young, it ended there - no one tried to tell me what was wrong.


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