Mental health at work: blogs and stories

1 in 6 British workers are affected by conditions like anxiety and depression every year. It is a myth that people with mental health problems can’t work. With the right support people with mental health problems perform vital roles in workplaces across the country.

However, mental health stigma and discrimination in the workplace remain an issue. The blogs below are written by people who have experience of mental illness in the workplace and show the different ways people can react.

By writing about their experiences they aim to raise awareness of the issue and challenge stereotypes around something that can affect all of us. Pledge to talk about your experiences of mental health >>

Read more about what support is available at work and information for managers and employers.

Getting naked - the challenges of disclosing bipolar disorder at work

I have a reputation for being eccentric at work. alexMy desk is messy and I’m known for singing the same three songs in sudden unbridled outbursts. And yet I’ve managed to hold down the same job for over eight years, rarely letting a ball drop. For five years I masqueraded as unconventional but sane.

How walking proved to be more therapeutic than I could ever have imagined

LolI walked away from my empty office and my tidied desk that night not knowing when I would return. I had endured a year of an insidious meltdown into depression, I was in a state of denial to myself and I had become blind to how ill I had become. My manager had encouraged me to seek medical help and a break from the stressful work routine. I now realised the time was right to dutifully oblige.

Talking about my experience convinced me to get involved and help other people

geoffGeoff, who features in the #Timetotalk TV advert, speaks about what inspired him to share his story and feature in the advert.

I was inspired to speak out about mental health because I suffered myself about 4 years ago. It was my ability to talk about my illness which ultimately saved my life and I got support.


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