Time to Talk Day resources for schools

Conversations change lives. This Time to Talk Day, we want to get the nation talking about mental health and keep the conversation going round the clock. 

Time to Talk Day 2017 will take place on Thursday 2 February. Why not get involved and start conversations about mental health in your school. You could deliver an assembly or form time session to your pupils or run a coffee morning with your staff. You’ll be joining schools, businesses and communities all across the country, giving us all the chance to talk and listen about mental health.

Sign up now and receive free downloadable materials. You will be sent assemblies and lesson plans soon, ready to deliver on the day.

Order tip cards

What other resources can I use on the day?

Order our tip cards to help you start your conversation. Use them at your activity to get students and staff talking, and show how it benefits all of us to talk and listen about mental health.

Please note: Tip cards are limited to 100 per order. 

Please note: Tip cards are limited to 100 per order. We can only send materials to addresses in England.

Once you've ordered your tip cards, check out our materials hub where you can make and print loads more materials to make your event special, including posters, badges and bunting.

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