All across the country, groups of young people are inspired to change the way we think and act about mental health problems. These young leaders are paving the way in running activities, speaking openly about mental health and supporting their peers in tackling stigma.

You can get started now and join the Time to Change movement. Access all our free resources, run a campaign in your school or community and be a champion in your everyday life. Your generation can be more open about mental health problems than any before.

“I got involved because I don’t want people to feel like I did that no one was there for me and that I couldn't talk to anyone. I want to make others aware that they will always have someone there for them.” – Chloe, Wrotham school young leaders group

“I joined because I wanted to get a bigger understanding of mental health and how it affects people. I wanted to be part of something that has an impact on others to make a difference.”  – Tom, Wrotham school young leaders group. 

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Share your brilliant activities to tackle stigma and discrimination.

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Information about where to get support if you need it or if you are worried about a friend.

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