Recruiting Employee Champions

Now you have signed the pledge, the next step is to recruit your Employee Champions.

We are seeking passionate employees, with or without experience of mental health problems, who want to join our campaign and run events and activities in your workplace in order to break down stigma and discrimination. Hopefully they will also have the added benefit of reducing your workload and achieving greater impact in your workplace. 

Once you have recruited your Champions, we will offer them start up support via a phone induction covering topics such as boundaries, activities and managing expectations amongst others as well as highlighting how we can support them fully as an Employee Champion.

Some things to think about for recruiting champions

 How you select your champions is completely up to you – you could:

  • select people who are already known to you as employees that are passionate about mental health and ask them to become Champion
  •  put in place a simple application system advertised on your intranet/via posters where people email you to tell you why they want to be a Champion and you select them from there
  •  ask line managers to identify team members who would benefit from undertaking the role and you select Champions from their nominations 

We can also help you with ideas for how to recruit your Champions – please just let us know if you need support. 

Find out more about what it means to be an Employee Champion. 


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