Time to Change phase 2: aims and activity

What are the aims of the next phase?

Time to Change is based on robust evidence from other international campaigns to show what works to change public attitudes and behaviours; and it has been shown to be a cost-effective way of delivering behaviour change on a mass scale. The future Time to Change programme will build on what we have achieved and learnt in our first phase. We are aiming to:

  • Improve attitudes and behaviour towards people with mental health problems across England, in all communities and areas of society.
  • Reduce the discrimination that people with mental health problems experience
  • Empower people with mental health problems to tackle discrimination, and play an active role in their communities
    Build a broader movement of supporters from all sectors and communities, and encourage more employers to sign up to tackle mental health prejudice
  • Extend the programme to tackle the stigma faced by children and young people
  • Work with black and minority ethnic groups, with a particular focus on the African Caribbean population, to address the specific issues that these communities face.

Overall, we aim to reach 29 million adults in England and increase the confidence of 100,000 people with mental health problems to challenge stigma and discrimination.


What will the future programme do?

Our next phase will tackle stigma and discrimination in 3 key ways:


  • We will continue to use marketing, advertising, PR and digital communications to reach as many people as possible in order to change attitudes and behaviour around mental health
  • We will provide a new specialist service aimed at changing the way mental health is represented in the media
  • We will engage with key organizations, to secure lasting policy change, and broaden our social movement to more civil society groups and corporate organisations across all sectors of society

At a community level:

  • We will launch a new grants scheme to fund projects led by other groups and organisations that bring people with different experiences of mental health problems together. A significant proportion of this work will focus on people from BME communities and children and young people.

And crucially, working with individuals:

  • We will promote individual action and empowerment, building people’s confidence and leadership skills to address stigma.

How can I be involved?

Everyone has a role to play in our continued journey towards equality, and over the coming weeks and months we will let you know more about how you can do this. 

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