organisations have pledged to end mental health stigma

Rail SafetyStandard Board

RSSB commits to the Time to Change Employer Pledge to combat stigma around mental health, encourage an open culture, and further promote positive mental health in the workplace.

Transport for Greater Manchester

Improving mental wellbeing of our staff forms an integral part of TfGM Health and Wellbeing strategy.

Telford and Wrekin CCG

Telford and Wrekin CCG pledges to raise awareness and reduce stigma of mental health across the organisation and the organisations it works with.

Derbyshire Community Health Services

We pledge to support the mental wellbeing of all our staff through signing the Time to Change Pledge to encourage open conversations around emotional wellbeing.

Norton Rose Fulbright

At Norton Rose Fulbright we are committed to educating all of our employees about the importance of promoting good mental health and a healthier workplace.

Mutual Ventures

Mutual Ventures is committed to ensuring we play our part in ending mental health stigma, and as such we are proud to support Time to Change.

Shepherd and Wedderburn

By signing the Time to Change Employer Pledge we will raise awareness of mental health issues to our partners and staff.

Bluebird Care

As a health and social care organisation it is important for us to commit to caring for the mental health and wellbeing of our employees and customers through surveys, policy review and greater signposting of support.

St George’s University Hospital

We need to make sure we look after our staff and show mental health is just as important as physical health.

St Paul's School

We want the entire school community to be aware of their mental health and that of others, so that conversations about mental health are positive, common place and well informed.

Third Pillar of Health

We aim to normalise conversations about mental health in the workplace and we also pledge to do the same when out and about in the wider world in our daily activities. We want to reduce the stigma over mental health and have everyone treat mental and physical health equally.

Voluntary Action Rotherham

Voluntary Action Rotherham aim to promote a positive and supportive approach to those suffering from mental health issues and reduce the stigma that still exists around mental health.


E.ON signed the Time to Change Employer Pledge in 2010

Deafness Support Network

Deafness Support Network are dedicated to ending discrimination & challenging the perception of mental health within the workplace

Valuation Office Agency

The Valuation Office Agency are committed to improving mental health within our organisation, and will proactively support the mental health and wellbeing of our people.


CBRE are pleased to say that we have now signed up to the Time to Change pledge, which was signed by Ciaran Bird our UK CEO on World Mental Health Day on 10 October 2016.

Age UK Newcastle

Age UK Newcastle is committed to being an employer that understands the importance of good mental health, encourages honesty and openness, and actively promotes wellbeing for all staff and volunteers.

Solent Mind

Solent Mind pledges to continue its work in striving to break down the stigma of mental health, and to provide high quality mental health advice and support to its clients.

NHS South Kent Coast and Thanet CCGs

The South Kent Coast and Thanet CCG are committed to tackling mental health stigma in the workplace.

NHS Ashford and Canterbury CCGs

The Ashford and Canterbury CCGs are committed to tackling mental health stigma in the workplace.

Walton Centre NHS Foundation

We are signing this pledge as part of our ongoing commitment to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of both staff and patients.

Allerton Grange High School

We as Allerton Grange School pledge to help all staff with their health and wellbeing. We hope to come together and unite against prejudice towards any types of mental illness and differences we may have at school.


We pledge to take action to reduce mental health discrimination within the workplace to enable all of our staff to “be the best they can”.

BAM Construct

BAM Construct UK wants to create a workplace where mental health is understood to be as important as physical health and employees are confident about seeking support for any mental health issues.

Anglia Ruskin University

We are committed to increasing mental health awareness and improving the mental wellbeing of our employees.

Colebrook SW Ltd

Colebrook will continue to encourage staff to address mental health issues and will challenge stigma around mental health both amongst our workforce and the wider community.


At Mitie we are looking to do more to support our employees who not only have a mental issue themselves, but also the individuals that may be affected by it at home or in their social network – as we realise that both circumstances will have an impact on their working life.

John Lewis

John Lewis are committed to creating an environment in which Partners can be open about their mental health without fear of negative consequences at work.

Page Group

PageGroup is committed to supporting mental health and through signing the Time to Change Employer Pledge we are demonstrating our goal in normalising this issue in our workplace

Insight Talking Therapies

At Insight Healthcare we are committed to looking after the mental health and wellbeing of our staff and reducing mental health stigma.


We are committed to raising awareness around mental health and to continuous development of how we support our workforce

Future Thinking

Future Thinking are committed to safeguarding the mental health of our employees and combatting the stigma around mental health.


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