organisations have pledged to end mental health stigma

BAM Nuttall

We are committed to challenging the stigmas and taboo’s surrounding mental health, raising awareness of mental health and supporting our employees who are living with a mental health issue.

Pizza Hut

We pledge to educate and train our team members how to help and support their colleagues dealing with mental health, and we pledge to work to break the taboo surrounding discussing mental health with both our customers and our team members.

Diligence (PM) Services

We are fully committed to letting our staff know they can talk about their mental health problems without fear of negative consequences.

Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust

We pledge to create a culture where our staff feel they can openly discuss and manage their mental wellbeing.

Elmbridge Borough Council

Elmbridge Borough Council have committed to focusing on the health and wellbeing for our employees, particularly around mental health and stress awareness.

Derby Homes

Derby Homes are dedicating their health project to mental health.

Wigan Council

Wigan Council are proud to support the Time to Change campaign and are committed to challenging discrimination and stigma in the workplace and will proactively support the mental health and wellbeing of our employees.

Care Quality Commission

Care Quality Commission are committed to changing the stigma attached to mental health one conversation at a time.


LionHeart, through signing the Time to Change Pledge wishes to demonstrate its commitment to raising awareness of mental health and lead by example in encouraging others within the property industry to do the same.

Matrix Chambers

Matrix Chambers has signed the Time to Change Pledge to challenge mental health stigma in the workplace, at the Bar and beyond.

University of Winchester Student Union

Winchester Student Union is committed to fighting the stigma surrounding mental illness. The Student Union pledges to promote and encourage positive responses to mental health through our Time To Change action plan.

University of Winchester

The University of Winchester has pledged to provide a safe and supportive environment for all employees and take steps to reduce any stigma associated with mental health.

Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust

Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust is committed to raising awareness of mental ill health and supporting colleagues in the workplace.

Blueprint for Better Business

A Blueprint for Better Business commits to the Time to Change Employer Pledge to show our commitment to combatting the stigma around mental health, promoting positive mental health in the team, and supporting those who are facing such problems.

Competition Markets Authority

The CMA is committed to promoting the importance of good mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, tackling stigma and fostering an environment where colleagues feel comfortable talking about mental health issues.

Department for Exiting the European Union

This pledge sets out actions to ensure that, from DExEU’s early stages, mental health is not a taboo subject within the Department and that support is provided for those that experience mental health difficulties.

Peterhouse School

Peterhouse pledges to promote an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect, where mental health is supported and addressed openly amongst all our staff, our pupils and their families.


The wellbeing of our partners and staff is at the heart of this programme. The aim is to enable them to be proactive about their physical and mental health, providing them with accessible, flexible support which suits their needs.

United Utilities

At United Utilities we are committed to removing the stigma of mental health. We understand that the main principle is to get people talking about mental health and for it to remain part of the conversation.

Shoosmiths LLP

We are aware that mental health is an area in which staff may need additional support and have signed the Time to Change Pledge to demonstrate our commitment to tackling the stigma that surrounds mental ill health.

Express Diagnostics

Express Diagnostics is committed to looking after the Wellbeing and Mental Health of its employees including reducing the stigma and breaking down the barriers surrounding mental health issues.

Rail SafetyStandard Board

RSSB commits to the Time to Change Employer Pledge to combat stigma around mental health, encourage an open culture, and further promote positive mental health in the workplace.

Transport for Greater Manchester

Improving mental wellbeing of our staff forms an integral part of TfGM Health and Wellbeing strategy.

Telford and Wrekin CCG

Telford and Wrekin CCG pledges to raise awareness and reduce stigma of mental health across the organisation and the organisations it works with.

Derbyshire Community Health Services

We pledge to support the mental wellbeing of all our staff through signing the Time to Change Pledge to encourage open conversations around emotional wellbeing.

Norton Rose Fulbright

At Norton Rose Fulbright we are committed to educating all of our employees about the importance of promoting good mental health and a healthier workplace.

Mutual Ventures

Mutual Ventures is committed to ensuring we play our part in ending mental health stigma, and as such we are proud to support Time to Change.

Shepherd and Wedderburn

By signing the Time to Change Employer Pledge we will raise awareness of mental health issues to our partners and staff.

Bluebird Care

As a health and social care organisation it is important for us to commit to caring for the mental health and wellbeing of our employees and customers through surveys, policy review and greater signposting of support.

St George’s University Hospital

We need to make sure we look after our staff and show mental health is just as important as physical health.

St Paul's School

We want the entire school community to be aware of their mental health and that of others, so that conversations about mental health are positive, common place and well informed.

Third Pillar of Health

We aim to normalise conversations about mental health in the workplace and we also pledge to do the same when out and about in the wider world in our daily activities. We want to reduce the stigma over mental health and have everyone treat mental and physical health equally.


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