organisations have pledged to end mental health stigma

Solent Mind

Solent Mind pledges to continue its work in striving to break down the stigma of mental health, and to provide high quality mental health advice and support to its clients.

NHS South Kent Coast and Thanet CCGs

The South Kent Coast and Thanet CCG are committed to tackling mental health stigma in the workplace.

NHS Ashford and Canterbury CCGs

The Ashford and Canterbury CCGs are committed to tackling mental health stigma in the workplace.

Walton Centre NHS Foundation

We are signing this pledge as part of our ongoing commitment to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of both staff and patients.

Allerton Grange High School

We as Allerton Grange School pledge to help all staff with their health and wellbeing. We hope to come together and unite against prejudice towards any types of mental illness and differences we may have at school.


We pledge to take action to reduce mental health discrimination within the workplace to enable all of our staff to “be the best they can”.

BAM Construct

BAM Construct UK wants to create a workplace where mental health is understood to be as important as physical health and employees are confident about seeking support for any mental health issues.

Anglia Ruskin University

We are committed to increasing mental health awareness and improving the mental wellbeing of our employees.

Colebrook SW Ltd

Colebrook will continue to encourage staff to address mental health issues and will challenge stigma around mental health both amongst our workforce and the wider community.


At Mitie we are looking to do more to support our employees who not only have a mental issue themselves, but also the individuals that may be affected by it at home or in their social network – as we realise that both circumstances will have an impact on their working life.

John Lewis

John Lewis are committed to creating an environment in which Partners can be open about their mental health without fear of negative consequences at work.

Page Group

PageGroup is committed to supporting mental health and through signing the Time to Change Employer Pledge we are demonstrating our goal in normalising this issue in our workplace

Insight Talking Therapies

At Insight Healthcare we are committed to looking after the mental health and wellbeing of our staff and reducing mental health stigma.


We are committed to raising awareness around mental health and to continuous development of how we support our workforce

Future Thinking

Future Thinking are committed to safeguarding the mental health of our employees and combatting the stigma around mental health.

Office of the Public Guardian

The OPG’s pledge aims to challenge stigma, encourage and develop all staff in understanding mental health illness

NW London Collaboration of CCGs

The NW London Collaboration of CCGs is committed to ending Mental Health stigma and discrimination.

Emprise Services

Emprise is committed to providing a safe, fair and supportive working environment.

Bus Users UK

Bus Users UK is committed to reducing stigma around mental health within our areas of work and promoting the mental health and wellbeing of our workforce.

Illuminate Coaching & Development

Illuminate Coaching & Development fully encourages the promotion and awareness of mental health within workplaces and within every area of society.

Bentley's Cafe and Catering Services

We are passionate about raising awareness about mental health and supporting our employees should they have any issues with mental health.

Training Plus Merseyside

We pledge to work alongside our team of staff and learners at Training Plus Merseyside to raise awareness of mental health issues and demonstrate that everyone has a mental health status.


Remploy is totally committed to being an exemplar mental health employer and we aspire to be a leading organisation in supporting mental health in the workplace.

Parkhaven Trust

Parkhaven Trust recognise the importance of raising awareness to reduce stigma attached to mental health issues.

Health Education England

Signing the Time to Change pledge further validates Health Education England’s commitment to encouraging a culture of openness and ending mental health stigma and discrimination in the workplace.


Romec are seriously committed to the health and wellbeing of our people, and with this pledge we are raising awareness to combat stigma, and to encourage an open culture around mental health.


We aim to make mental health awareness part of the DNA of Tesco, destigmatising mental health issues, encouraging conversation about mental health and enabling colleagues to take a proactive approach in looking after their mental wellbeing.

Wirral Connect

Wirral Connect is committed to raising awareness about mental health and dedicated to reducing the stigma / ending mental health discrimination throughout the Wirral community.

Intellectual Property Office

We are committed to creating an organisation where mental health issues are widely understood and de-stigmatised.

Pearson UK

We will promote positive mental wellbeing and reduce the stigma of mental illness across Pearson UK Schools.

Cygnet Law

Within our Team we are committed to ensuring our workplace is one where staff have all available resources to either prevent mental health difficulties or to support them during times of need.

Oldham Council

Our Chief Executive has committed to focus on mental health support for employees in 2016 to create a long term, sustainable support package that will benefit the workforce and change the culture of the organisation, working towards ending the stigma of mental health in the workplace.


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