The Kid & I

An interactive story and learning tool to help young people address mental health stigma and discrimination.

What is ‘The Kid and I’?

Time To Change, in consultation with game designers Fish In A Bottle, have created The Kid and I, an online, interactive story exploring a young person’s experience of mental health problems set within a sixth form school.

The aim of The Kid and I and the accompanying pack is to enable teachers and youth leaders to work with and engage pupils and young people with the topic of mental health and mental health problems. The Kid and I also looks at ways of reducing stigma and discrimination that often surround mental health and mental health problems.  Played as an interactive story, The Kid and I, allows pupils and young people to navigate a character experiencing a mental health problem. The player as character chooses conversational responses and actions as they interact with the character’s friends, peers and teachers at school. The Kid and I allows pupils and young people to explore their understanding about mental health and mental health problems.  Making decisions and choices in character allows pupils and young people to examine how adopting certain behaviour can foster support and empathy or perpetuate stigma and discrimination.

Once played through, pupils and young people will have unlocked two more characters; a friend and a teacher who, give another perspective of interacting with the main character.

Make sure you are familiar with your school safeguarding protocols and provision of support services for young people experiencing mental health issues outside of the learning environment. Please feel free to contact Naomi Russell from the Time to Change team on or on 0207 840 3024 who will further signpost you to local services.

We highly recommend you read through The Kid & I User Guide before opening the online story.  For resources please download the Act 1, Act 2 and Act 3 pdf files.

You can find the link to the Kid & I online story here: