Materials to order

If you're running an event in your community, school or workplace, or if you just want some resources to help you campaign individually, our ready-made packs are a great way to get started.

We provide one pack or box per order.

Please note that we are unable to deliver materials to PO Box addresses or addresses outside of England.

If you have any enquiries about your order, please email us.

Please allow 10 working days for delivery. 

Time to Change Personal Action Pack

Pack contains (subject to availability):

  • 4 sets of postcards
  • 35 concertina tip cards
  • 1 fold-out poster
  • 12 double coasters
  • 24 teabags

Ideal for anyone who wants to get their friends, family and local community talking!

We provide one personal action pack per order and contents may differ from image shown.

Time to Change Event Box

A Time to Change box makes it easy to run your own Time to Change activity. Pack contains (subject to availability):

  • 14 sets of postcards
  • 70 concertina tip cards
  • 1 fold-out poster
  • 25 double coasters
  • 50 teabags

If you'd like to publicise your event, register it on our website and you'll be sent an event box automatically.

We provide one event box per order and contents may differ from image shown.


Strips of five postcards, which can be personalised with stickers before they’re sent. 
Delivered in multiples of 20. 

Maximum order: 3 sets = 60 postcards

Design may differ from image shown


Men's top tip cards

an image of the tip cards

Is your mate off his game? These quick reference tip cards help you when talking to your friends about mental health.

Each order is a box of 100 cards. 

Fold-out Poster (This item is out of stock)


Our fold-out A3 poster. Find out about the small things that can make a big difference for people experiencing mental health problems.

Delivered in multiples of 2

Maximum order: 3 sets = 6 posters

Concertina Tip card (This item is out of stock)


Share the concertina tip card with friends, family and colleagues. It’s purse and wallet size, so it’s designed to be kept.

Delivered in multiples of 20.  

Maximum order: 3 sets = 60 tips cards


Balloons (This item is out of stock)


‘How are you?’ and Time to Change logo balloons, to dress any event.

Delivered in multiples of 2.

Maximum order: 5 sets = 10 balloons


Badges (This item is out of stock)


Our ‘How are you?’ badges, which come in two colours.

Delivered in multiples of 10

Maximum order: 5 sets = 50 badges

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