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Time to Change Events

We are currently seeking volunteers for our Time to Change events in 2015 which will be popping up across the country. We will be updating this page regularly as more events are planned.

Other Events

There are also lots of events taking place across England to help tackle discrimination, run by a variety of other organisations. Find out if there's one near you using the map below.

Are you planning or organising your own event?

Download our toolkit (PDF) for hints and tips on running your event and don’t forget to put your event in the list by registering it to make sure others can find it!


Time to Change event
08 July, 2015
Yorks & Humberside
11 July, 2015
14 July, 2015
East of England
16 July, 2015
Yorks & Humberside
20 July, 2015
South East England
06 August, 2015
East of England
08 August, 2015
North West
15 August, 2015
South East England
19 August, 2015
South West England
22 August, 2015
South East England
24 August, 2015
Yorks & Humberside
12 September, 2015
East of England
06 October, 2015
Yorks & Humberside
08 October, 2015
South East England
14 October, 2015
North West
24 October, 2015
North West
01 October, 2016
Yorks & Humberside

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