Bring Time to Change to your workplace

Hundreds of organisations have already got involved in Time to Change.  Bringing the campaign to your workplace is easy when you know how:

1.    Order leaflets, postcards and posters to spread the word amongst your colleagues: put them in kitchens, canteens, bathrooms and other communal areas.

2.    Include an article about Time to Change in your staff newsletter or magazine.

3.   Download the workplace issue of our Speak Out magazine to find out how workplaces can act to reduce mental health stigma and discrimination on the office floor, and what happened when one employee opened up about their mental health problems to their colleagues.

4.   Ask your organisation to support the campaign – many organisations have become involved at a corporate level by signing our organisational pledge and running anti-stigma activities.  Could you get someone senior in your organisation on board?

5.  Take part in our organisational healthcheck, where our consultants help organisations review their approach to mental health and wellbeing

6. Help challenge workplace discrimination – our employment resources are here to help you understand your rights as an employee and to help managers and HR understand more about mental health in the workplaceCheck them out and share them with your colleagues and HR department.

7. Take a look at our series of Time to Change workshops - these have been designed for use both within and outside of the workplace. There are four workshops in total, and each workshop has a downloadable guidance document.

8. Get involved in Time to Talk Day - On 5 February we’re aiming to have at least 24 hours of conversation. Get involved by taking 5 minutes on the 5th to have a conversation about mental health.


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