Time to Talk Day: the live blog

Time to Talk Day live blog

For the first ever Time to Talk Day, we kept a live blog - read below to find out what went on...

Be one in a million

Thursday 6 February is the first ever Time to Talk Day: 24 hours in which to start conversations about mental health, raise awareness and share the message that mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of - and neither is talking about it.

Sometimes it's the little things we do that make a big difference - like having a chat over a cuppa, sending a text or inviting someone out. On Time to Talk Day we’re encouraging people to do just that. In fact, we're hoping to spark a million conversations, and we want your help to do that.

What's happening?

Across the country, there are over a thousand events taking place in offices, schools, libraries and even shopping centres. Big employers like Telefonica, The Professional Cricketer's Association, AXA PPP Healthcare and Comic Relief will be taking part, and many thousands more people will be sitting down with a cuppa and a friend for a good old chat. Are you doing something? Tweet and Facebook us to let us know!

What can I do?

Even celebrities are getting involved! Find out how you can have a conversation to win a conversation with Russell Kane, Ashley Roberts or Beverley Callard. If you're online, there's no end of things you can do to be one in a million. We'll be having a #TimetoTalk elevenses (at 11am, naturally). Tweet along teabreak at 4.30. There'll be a blogathon, lots of images and links to share, and even a conversational challenge. 

Live blog

In our live blog, we'll be documenting as many activities, tweets, conversations and goings on as possible, so keep checking back throughout the day to keep up! And of course, leave us your comments so we can include you in the big conversation.


Word on the street: our celeb supporter Beverley Callard spoke to Lorraine on ITV about Time to Talk Day. Here she is with her #TimetoTalk cup of tea!

Beverley Callard supports Time to Change


Did you see Louise Goux-Wirth's article in the Metro this morning? Louise talked about her experience of depression and how she spoke out about her mental health at work and our double-page spread on Time to Talk Day:

Louise Goux-Wirth Metro   Metro double page


Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust are having a cuppa and a web chat from 10 - 2 today. Join the webchat!

NHS cumbria tea chat


We're trending on Twitter! (Fifth on the current list, above #tubestrike.)








The lovely Matt Johnson, presenter for ITV's This Morning is supporting Time to Talk Day! 


Elevenses! Get the kettle on for the #TimetoTalk tea break. And, over the next hour, we’re going to be sharing a cup of tea with you all! Tweet us your cuppa to start conversations about mental health.


Your Elevenses photos are coming in. Keep 'em brewing for Elevenses Hour!



Thanks to Russell Kane for sharing his cuppa with us:

@russell_kane: I'm taking part in Time to Talk day! Have a cuppa, talk it thru. www.time-to-change.org.uk/talkday @timetochange #TimetoTalk

Russell is at www.twitter.com/russell_kane.

Wok is Russell doing in the second photo, do you think?!


Did you hear we're running a #TimetoTalk Challenge today?

How many conversation could you have today. With mental health, it's often the little things that make a big difference. So, today you could text someone, have a chat over a cuppa or pick up the phone. Why not download your own Challenge sheet right now?

At 12:30 we're suggesting you get away from your desk, if you work in an office, and invite someone on a walk. Just don't get blown away in this weather, please!


Following Martin Lewis' appearance on ITV's Lorraine this morning, they've started their very own conversation about mental health over at Money Saving Expert Dot Com.


We've been trying to get some clarification on Russell Kane's tea making procedures (see above).

@russellkane: I'm infusing the spirit of the day in any receptacle I can!!


Have you heard about our Win a Conversation for a Conversation competition?

You could win prizes from our comedian friend Russell Kane, Corrie actress Beverley Callard, or Dancing on Ice Judge and ex-Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts. Of course, to fit in with our conversation theme, you'll get to meet and chat to them too.

It's the small things you do that make a big difference. In this case, a small thing that'll win a money-can't-buy prize.

Find out more.


We have a #TimetoTalk Day stall at Tesco in Welwyn Garden City. Here's Libby from the Time to Change team (right) and our brilliant champion Katie.


We're taking over the internet! Well, more specifically LBC's website.

Radio station LBC is 'London's Biggest Conversation' and we're pushing for one million conversations about mental health. Are you taking our #TimetoTalk Challenge?


Do you have your own blog, or do you blog on other sites? Want to take part in our #TimetoTalk Day Blogathon?

To get involved:

  1. Download a blogger badge from our website: www.time-to-change.org.uk/downloads
  2. Post the badge on your blog and link it to our website, www.time-to-change.org.uk/talkday
  3. Blog away

Why not write about the first time you spoke about your mental health? Or the little thing someone did that made a big difference to you?

Don't forget to share your blog with us on Facebook or Twitter, using the hashtag #TimetoTalk. Do make sure you let us know how many visits, comments and conversations you start.


How good does this pie look, made by a friend at the Mental Health Foundation?

Listen to the chicken and leek pie, folks. It's #TimetoTalk.


How well do you know your myths from your facts on the topic of mental health?  

Why not print off our myth/fact quiz and test your friends or work colleagues?


If you didn't see Corrie legend Beverley Callard on ITV's Lorraine this morning, you can watch it on the Lorraine site.

Mental health was also on the breakfast menu on BBC Radio Manchester. You can listen to it here.

Beverley Callard supports Time to Change


Glamour Magazine and Top Sante are two of the many newspapers and magazines tweeting about Time to Talk Day. Thanks all!

@GlamourMagUK: Today is #timetotalk day: a campaign to encourage people to talk about mental health. Join in @TimetoChange.

@TopSanteUK: We're getting the conversation started in the office. Join in! #TimetoTalk @MindCharity @TimetoChange


The Professional Cricketers' Association are joining in too.

Here's Warwickshire Bears' captain Jim Troughton (middle), ex-captain Ian Westwood (left), and Laurie Evans with our .


The prize for the prettiest Time to Talk Day display goes to Growing Voices (@GVoices), a grant project based in Carlisle.


If you need to talk to someone about how you're feeling right now, do check out our support services page (http://www.time-to-change.org.uk/what-are-mental-health-problems/help-support-services). Or talk to the Samaritans (08457 909090 or jo@samaritans.org).

Mind, one of the charities that set up Time to Change, has a wonderful online community called Elefriends. Here, you can talk with people who have similar experiences and share advice in a friendly environment. You'll find them at www.elefriends.org.uk.


Norman Lamb MP, Minister for Care and Support at the Department of Health, has tweeted for Time to Talk Day. Here he is with one of our I've Had My Conversation mugs.

@normanlamb: Mental health problems affect 1 in 4 of us. We're taking part in #TimetoTalkDay today: http://www.time-to-change.org.uk/talkday @TimetoChange

 Care and support minister Norman Lamb supports #TimetoTalk Day He also recorded a video of support for #TimetoTalkDay


Over 200 people in Bristol told our amazing volunteers who they'll share a cuppa with.


The #TimetoTalk Day afternoon tweetalong tea break is about to begin at 4.30!



BLAM! Look who's tweeted about Time to Talk Day, with his #TimetoTalk tea bag and badge.

@HitmanHatton: Help the nation talk about mental health visit: www.time-to-talk.org.uk/talkday @TimetoChange


St Leonard's Community Centre has kicked off #TimetoTalk Afternoon Tea in great style.


It's a little off-piste, but coffee also works if you're just not into tea. Thanks Bipolar UK for being a part of Time to Talk Day.

@BipolarUK: A cup of tea is a great #TimetoTalk - www.time-to-talk.org.uk (Ok, this is coffee, but you get the idea.)


Who wants to see a selection of the Afternoon Tea Break photos that are being poster on social media?


Thanks to Rachael Lucy Smithteam who followed our biscuit serving suggestion with colleagues at her Cambridgeshire school. (We really appreciate all the schools that have taken part today, one way or another.) Today is Rachael's birthday though, so this is a special shout out.


Here's the Bank of England getting their money's worth out of Time to Talk Day earlier. Thank you to to Andrew Bailey (Deputy Governor for Prudential Regulation), Chris Salmon (Executive Director, Banking & Chief Cashier) and team.

@bankofengland: Andrew Bailey and Chris Salmon take #TimetoTalk about mental health. @TimetoChange


The Student Room has been chatting about mental health all day. Thanks guys.

@HarrisEmma: @TimetoChange We're still having a huge convo here @thestudentroom #TimetoTalk ^_^


Arsenal FC has mentioned Time to Talk Day and its work with Time to Change on their website.

Speaking about the club’s work, Head of Arsenal in the Community Alan Sefton said: "Using football as a way to engage people suffering from mental health issues means that they have a chance to improve their physical wellbeing and potentially their quality of life through meeting others with similar experiences. Arsenal in the Community is proud to be part of this campaign which inspires people to work together to end the discrimination surrounding mental health."



Listen out for our two-hour special on Talk Sport (@talkSport) tonight (8-10pm). Among other things, you'll be able to hear from our wonderful Tim McKenna who appears in our TV advertising.



Thank you to Lindsay Hoyle MP who's just tweeted about Time to Talk Day.

@LindsayHoyle_MP: @TimetoChange My researcher and I discussed how we must all end the stigma of mental health discrimination #TimetoTalk



The Professional Footballers Association (PFA) have been tweeting today:

@PFA: Help get the nation talking about mental health: start your conversation for #TimetoTalk @TimetoChange

Sussex County Football Association were also on the ball:

@SussexCountyFA: Some of our staff members showing their support for #TimetoTalk Day on their tea break @TimetoChange @soccer_4_all



Professor Kevin Fenton, Director of Health and Wellbeing at Public Health England has just said:

@ProfKevinFenton: Wellbeing: With one in four of us affected by mental illness #TimetoTalk Day is a great chance to have a conversation and make a difference.



Thanks Laura Washbrook for having your conversation at 10am this morning.

As friends, it's often the small things you do for other people that make a big difference. So, if you have a Joey, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross or Chandler in your life, a 'How you doin'?' can go along way. Why not read our tips for talking about mental health?



Today has been our first ever Time to Talk Day, folks.

How has it been for you so far? A huge thanks to all who are still taking part in our Big Conversation and push for one million conversations. You can see a photo compilation from the day on our Facebook profile.

Remember to listen out for our two-hour special (talkSPORT feature Part 1 and Part 2) on Talk Sport (@talkSport) between 8 and 10pm, featuring Stan Collymore, our director Sue Baker and Tim and Matt who you may recognise from our TV advert:

Tim and Matt at TalkSport with Stan Collymore

If you need to talk to someone about how you're feeling, please do check out our support services page (http://www.time-to-change.org.uk/what-are-mental-health-problems/help-support-services). Or talk to the Samaritans (08457 909090 or jo@samaritans.org).

Mind has a wonderful online community called Elefriends, where you can talk with people who have similar experiences and share advice in a friendly environment. You'll find them at www.elefriends.org.uk.

Thanks for following. The conversation doesn't stop here, of course.

Listen to the pug. It's #TimetoTalk.


Time to Talk confessional

With just over an hour to go I have written a blog confessing how I really feel about my illness #timetotalkday http://zoedodd83.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/time-to-talk-day.html

It's NOT your fault.

I have suffered with mental health issues for as long as I care to remember. Things hit an all time low after I had my first baby in 2011. My post natal depression was the most terrifying, isolating feeling I have ever known. I was scared to even breathe. I tried to talk to people but they seemed to think it just a touch of the 'baby blues' and that I just needed some more sleep. At my 6 week check up with the doctor I told him about my fears...he told me that from looking at me he could see I didn't have post natal depression! Because I had clean hair, make up on, and wasn't in tears I was obviously fine, and I believed him. Unfortunately this is the biggest part of the problem - you CANNOT see depression or mental health issues. They aren't a rash or a badge. They don't only affect the weak, or people wearing glasses, or people with brown hair. It can happen to anyone. I left the doctors feeling ashamed of my moaning, and decided I had better 'get a grip'. Unfortunately things went from bad to worse - I confided in a family member that I wanted the world to stop, and that if it weren't for my baby I would end everything. Luckily, through their kindness and support I was encouraged to see another GP. This time my experience was totally different. She was amazing, putting me on medication, referring me for counselling and explaining for the first time what depression actually is. It isn't a 'rough patch' or something that will heal in time, it needs to addressed and dealt with in the same way as any other illness. Since this time, I have had my ups and downs. Recently things have gotten worse, and the clouds of depression loom over me almost every hour. I go for walks, try and be grateful for what I have, and smile, but inside I feel I'm sinking. Today I woke up and randomly put on the telly to see Beverley Callard on GMTV talking about this event. It was like a switch has flicked. If only I could talk about how I felt without feeling people think I'm just being 'dramatic' I wouldn't feel so alone. In my experience, the loneliness and isolation that depression brings is the absolute worst part of it. If someone was diagnosed with another serious illness, people would support and talk to them. They would try and help them to get better - why should depression be any different? So I am going to join in todays events and pluck up the courage to talk today. I won't be ashamed or apologetic, because its not my fault. The way it isn't anyone else's.

Hi Sian

Hi Sian I am so pleased that you found the time and courage to write. I too suffer depression brought on by an event and like you, found a wonderful doctor. I have been on medication now for a number of years and find it works very well for me. Sometimes, however, I too know that feeling of aloneness and emptiness.....I guess this forum helps us to know that there are others who know what we are talking about and how it feels. I find that I get inspired by Oprah and that her thought processes and beliefs really touch my soul. Don't forget that you are not alone in this ....there are many of us who 'get it'..............

Just talk....

I have suffered depression for many years and even though medication has it in hand I still recognise those feelings when it seems that the wave is going to come and overpower me.......talking really helps rather than trying to suppress it.

mental health

Listening to people talking today about mental health issues reminded me of my own problems I had a few years ago, on the whole I am 90% better now but the potential to relapse is always there. I never spoke to anyone about my difficulties but during a period of excessive stress a comment from my mother triggered off a multitude of emotions from my childhood that I had been suppressing to overspill, the straw that broke the camel's back so to speak. I had a complete mental breakdown & I ended up falling out with my parents & my sister, my mother & my sister are both nurses so you would think they would understand mental illness but they obviously didnt, neither of them ever spoke to me again & I was left to deal with it alone. If you have family who are struggling with life - dont desert them ... that's the worst possible thing you could do - talk to them... let them know you care

Time to Change!

Just discovered Time to Change this morning through the RPA!! This is sooooo good!! Well done! Inspired me to post it on my FB wall and also alert people to TtC. I'm a Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner and hypnotherapist and offered my skills, experience and time to anyone who wants to talk, to be recognised. As someone who has experienced depression, I can't Thank you enough for all that you do!

Tea For Recovery

We have just held an even this morning called Tea For Recovery :-) We discussed we discussed the stigma and made our pledges to support others with mental health difficulties And helping to support each other :-)

Cake and Natter

We are talking to local resident in Blackpool at The Revoe-lution hub. Free cake and hot drinks entice people into the hub so we can start conversions about mental health. Blackpool has some unique issues with mental health and 1 person a day commits suicide here. So we are hoping that the talks help people realise that there are people who can help. A good day Marcus and Angie

Time to Talk

Don't think about doing it just get on and talk - change the day for someone.

mental health

As a sufferer of Mental Health issues, I discovered that it was so hard to get the help that I needed in the early stages of my issues, people just did not seem to understand and I felt Isolated from everything, I stayed shut in at home for over a year before getting the help that I needed, Thanx to The "Health in Mind Team" I am now well on my way to Recovery, My aim is to help as many people as I can, I will do my upmost to get the word out there that there is HELP for all........ Many Thanx for Listening x.

Sessions in registration at Coleridge School

All tutors doing registration were asked to run the six minute session for Time to talk day. The pupils were curious and badges/ conversation cards were handed out to various pupils and members of staff to get the conversations going. We are following up with a display of conversation bubble postcards with pupils comments in. Definately saw a seed of interest sown amoung both staff and pupils.

The Mental heath & Wellbeing

The Mental heath & Wellbeing team at London Southbank University have given out nearly 70 cups of tea or coffee and many many biscuits and a few bits of fruit! All whilst having conversations with our staff and students about mental health. People have shared stories, experiences and hints and tips on how they deal with either their own, or other peoples mental health issues. Its been a great experience!

Time to talk

Ive had so much relief from having someone to listen to me talk about my mental health. Keep talking it can help recovery

Tea & Chat for Bodmin College Sixth Form

Today's Time to Talk Day was run by the staff and students of the Psychology department at Bodmin College in Cornwall. Not only did we make 88 cups of tea and coffee, we reckon that we started 55 conversations about mental health and had pledges of 10 texts, 5 phone calls and 5 ‘get togethers’. This was just in the Sixth Form Common Room! Well done to a mature and knowledgeable team of young people who are prepared to stand up to stigma and support others.

Time to Talk

An information event was held in the main foyer at college. We displayed posters created by our level 1 mental Health awareness students, some representatives from the local mental health service, Navigo, were available to give information and advice to staff and students and we had staff available to chat to students about mental health. We used the facts and myths quiz as part of a competition that students could enter.Our drama students are puttting together a production and our media students are doing a presentation to raise awareness. Our target was to have 150 conversations about mental health. We have actually doubled this figure with a grand total of 308 conversations. :) Thank you for the tea bags they were very popular. Brilliant opportunity to get people talking about mental illness.

My Time to Talk

Thank you Time to Change for holding your Time to Talk day. It's motivated me to go back to my doctor after continuing to struggle with my depression and doing nothing about it. I've booked an appointment and will be honest about things when I go. Well done to everyone else who is sharing their stories and experiences!

time to talk coffee morning

At least 30 conversations took place this morning during our coffee morning at The healthy living centre, Aylesbury. I was even asked if we could make it a regular event, which is brilliant. Enjoyed chatting to local professions, staff members, and of course the lovely members of our community. Great positive and open conversations were had over a cake and a cuppa. :)

Keep the talk going!

I was one of the Champions who volunteered in Bristol yesterday. Although very tiring, it was also extremely inspiring and humbling to meet such lovely people who were keen to talk and spread the word. I myself have suffered for most of my adult life (many years as I am 'getting on a bit' now!) with a chronic mental health illness. In the early days (1970's), I was ashamed and worried what others would think, so regularly tried to deny and pretend it wasn't happening to me. Back then I perceived it as a weakness. This had an extremely damaging effect and only made me worse in the long run. One thing age/maturity has given me is the ability to be 'Loud and Proud'. I have learnt who the genuine/caring people are over the years - those who really mean 'How are you'? when they pose the question. Consequently I now have a network of extremely understanding and supportive friends who know me, understand and do not judge. I am really passionate about the campaign - it feels really good to help others and spread the word. Why make it about just one day? This is something we need to continue. Why not establish Wellbeing Support Groups who meet on a regular basis for a cuppa? There are still too many people who suffer in silence. Fortunately, my employers have recently signed up to the Time to Change Campaign. I am now hoping to continue my championing there in order to encourage a voice and support for staff and try to achieve the same/similar parity of support to that provided for students (UWE). Keep up the good work everybody!!! :) :) :) {{ {{{HUGS}}} }} - oh and tea!


Thought this was a brilliant way to promote Mental Health Well-being and to see that it can happen to anyone/anybody at anytime in their lifetime. It will give people that have never had mental health problems, hopefully an insight and a better understanding I HOPE, to some people and to see how important it is, in how, helping and understanding people. who have never experienced this could be more sympathetic and understanding. It could happen to themselves one day. "TIME TO TALK" was a brilliant CAPTION to head the Campaign. It takes a "Special Person" to listen and give a person "TIME TO TALK". Let's hope this is a Campaign learned by all in someway. I hope that "TIME TO CHANGE" and "TIME TO TALK" to go further forward and beyond in the coming future. WELL DONE!!!! to everybody involved in promoting this DAY. HOPEFULLY THE STIGMA TO MENTAL HEALTH WILL FADE AWAY.

Let's get rid of this stigma

Let's get rid of this stigma TODAY, just start a conversation with the words "Do you know anyone who has had a mental stuff?" and see where it leads....to normalising what is actually normal. Maybe you, your boss, your friend, the person who seems the most 'normal'!


Thank god for you guys at Time to Talk, for bringing this to the fore front! So long has mental health issues been ignored, even though it's one of the most horrendous things a person can go through!!!! I went to a counselling organisation called "First Step" and how hard the manager worked to keep that place going on a monthly bassist is disgraceful, it's time everyone realised how important places like that are and sites like this are. Keep up the great work folks ;-)

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