Global Anti-Stigma Alliance

The Global Anti-Stigma Alliance was set up in June 2012 at the 5th International Together Against Stigma Conference co-hosted by the Mental Health Commission of Canada and the World Psychiatric Association.

The aim of the Alliance is to share learning, best practice and latest evidence to achieve better outcomes for people facing stigma and discrimination. The Alliance hope to achieve more joined up working internationally as well as within neighbouring countries. 

There is a core group leading on the Alliance, which includes programme leads and WPA members from  England, Scotland, Canada, Denmark, USA, Australia and New Zealand. Other global campaigns that form part of the wider Alliance  include programme leads from the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Wales, Ireland, and Northern Ireland. These campaigns are running significant mental health anti-stigma programmes (i.e. delivering activities and have resources and learning to share with others).

Important Note!  Due to our very limited capacity we are currently unable to update our website (and the above infographic) regularly.  

The next Global Anti-Stigma Alliance pre-conference will be in Copenhagen 18–19 September 2017, ahead of the 8th Together Against Stigma Conference.

Global Alliance Face-to-Face Meeting March 2016 (hosted by See Me)

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