Our wolfpack can’t talk about it. But yours can.

One in four of us will experience a mental health problem each year. For men in particular, it can be an awkward subject to talk about, but you don’t have to be an expert - just looking out for someone can make a big difference.


Vote for your top dog from the film

Do you know a Dave, Chester, Vinnie or Phil?

Has one of your mates not seemed himself recently?

You might have your own Wolfpack and someone may be experiencing a mental health problem. If this sounds familiar, looking out for your mate might not be as hard as you think. Sometimes just by being around for them and doing things as normal means you’re a mate when they need you most.

If you think someone is bottling something up, we’ve produced some top tips cards to help you start that conversation and show how you can help make a difference. As well as the cards we have also created a new leaflet to help you to be there for your mates.

Meet some real Wolfpacks:

"It's surprising how understanding people can be"

Rikki: "I've got a group of three mates who have been there through thick and thin. We'd often go to the gym together and train, go out to eat, or just generally chill out at each other's houses watching films." [Blog]

Matt and Tim talk together about how they're feeling

"It's the little things"

Tim: "When I get together with Matt, we don't talk about the illness... we do normal, regular things." [Video]

Matthew talks about how his friends have helped his depression

"They're like family"

Nik: "My friends didn’t leave me when I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, they stuck by me." [Blog]