Bipolar, ‘fashionable mental health’ and celebrity

November 11, 2013

Recently I’ve noticed a bit of a backlash to celebrities coming out about their mental illness, the most recent being former presenter of Springwatch Bill Oddie, and his belief that celebrities don’t do a great deal of good regarding mental health awareness, stating, “I fear that it [mental health] has become something of a 'fashionable’ condition to have in this day and age.”

Um, okay.  A few things before I continue.

What Stephen Fry's conversation about suicide means to me

June 6, 2013

Stephen FryI’m sitting on a park bench. My makeup is sliding off the side of my face in the sun. I’m trying to look normal, whatever that is. I’m staring down the eyes of my interviewer, lest I let them wander over to the cameraman. I’m a little scared.