What it's like to live with schizoaffective disorder

October 23, 2013

Jonny BenjaminI was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder almost 6 years ago now when I was 20. I've learnt to manage it to a degree now but it can be incredibly difficult to live with. The paranoia, intrusive thoughts and delusions can be a daily battle at times. It can be a very lonely and exhausting battle too.

Why I took part in BBC Three's mental health season

July 29, 2013

Jonny BenjaminI began to hear a voice in my head when I was 10 years old. At the same time I started to believe I was being watched by cameras everywhere that I went.

I came to accept that this was my life. There was never any thought that I might have a mental health issue. I didn't have any concept of what mental health was anyway.