Talking about mental health with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

An interview with young Time to Change champion, Nikki Mattocks, at today's event with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge:

Q: So what have you been feeling run-up to today?

"I was a bit nervous about such high profile people being there, but I know that at the end of the day they're still just people like everyone else really... Just royal!"

Your mental health is so much more important than a night out

“Cheer up or you’ll ruin it for everyone else” is something I tend to hear on days that are supposed to be happy.Nicky's blog Holidays are a time when everyone is meant to be so happy, but having a mental health problem doesn’t get a day off, even on birthdays, days out or celebrations.

Helping other people has helped me

nicolaRecovery is a big word. It’s personal for everyone and everyone has a different idea of what it means. For me recovery means not letting my illness hold me back from my potential, being happy without needing medication to do it for me, accepting myself for who I am and helping others do the same.

Speaking out about my mental health experience at my college

The last time I saw my diagnosis a couple of years ago at the age of 14; I had emerging borderline personality disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, recurring depressive disorder and high levels of anxiety. But the hardest thing for people to understand is the fact that I hear voices.