Talking about anxiety took the weight off my shoulders

Reducing stigma comes from the frontline, from education and most of all from being brave enough to admit when you’re not feeling well. In short, it’s about talking. But a lot of people still don’t feel able to talk about their mental health, so it’s up to all of us to break the silence and start those conversations.

The more we talk about mental health openly, the more the stigma will be reduced

Claire_'s picImagine breaking your leg, it’s a bad break and you’re in a lot of pain, but you’re afraid to ask for help. It’s only a broken leg right? I mean it hurts like hell and you can barely function, but still, you shouldn’t say anything. Besides, what would everybody think? It’s embarrassing, you’re clearly a weak and unstable person.

See me after school: It's OK to be myself, and to experience anxiety

I’m been thinking about root causes of anxiety. claire blog How & why does it develop? Are some people simply born with an anxious temperament, or does traumatic experience trigger it? Personally I think it’s a mixture. I was born with the ability to develop an anxious condition if the right environment were presented.  For me, this environment was secondary school.