We asked our Facebook and Twitter followers to make dedications to friends and family members who had supported them in the past. Here are a few things they said.

We think it shows how we can all make the difference, just by being there for someone.

It’s worth remembering that there are lots of simple, everyday things we can all keep in mind. Why not download our pocket-sized tips card for your purse or wallet? You can also share dedications below with your own friends by clicking the share button.


Zoey and friendsThese are some of the amazing people who have been there with me through my journey! I have bpd as well as having to deal with the anxiety and depression that comes with it!! I have suffered for a long time and only recently being diagnosed march 2012. I love you all!!

And I want to say an extra big thank you to Kev. It’s not easy being in a committed relationship with someone with a mental health illness, most people would run a mile and not give the time of day!! You have been there and seen me in some dark places but still stuck by me and been by my side. Over three years later and your still by my side. Stronger than ever!


BeccaI have many dedications to go out there Jaye, Amanda, my mam and many other amazing people who have been there for me but my biggest got to be Sian who is like my big sister.

Love you lots sis.

Thank you all!


PaulaI am 46 years young living with Bipolar. I am very fortunate to have a real good support network of family & friends who stand by me through thick & thin. I would like to make this post a dedication to my Husband Keith & my friend Sue. Through every nasty symptom they have both been with me every step of the way. To be honest I should dedicate this post to a lot more individuals but it would end up being a novel. The trick in loving someone with a MI is to never give up on that person. If I am suffering with symptoms, more often than not, this leads to social isolation. The individuals who understand Like my Hubby & Sue do not take this personally. They understand so instead of phoning me, they will send me a text or a voice mail as they know it's near impossible for me to speak. They don't get annoyed if I pull out of a social event at the last minute because my confidence is in my boots. They both took the time to get me. Sue also has Bipolar & I feel this has made our friendship bond unbreakable. I LOVE these two with all of my heart. The LOVE I get from them is immeasurable. They mean the world to me.


I would just like to thank my friend Geoff, who dragged me back to the doctors, got me back on my medication and got me interested in life again, without me even noticing. He has been there always with quiet and gentle support, and still is, even at times when I don’t realise at the time. Thank you.


Steven, Fiona, Adrian, Jackie who have picked me up and been there for me every single time when I needed them and restored my faith. And the wonderful messages of support I've received via Facebook from friends all over the world xx


susan alexander (1941 to 2011). my mother. she helped me through the toughest times in my life.


My steadfast husband, my wonderful friend Isobel and my manager at work Jackie. Thanks for being there and not giving up on me xxxx


Bethany, Cat, Tina , Gina among others. You've been there when I've really been struggling and just needed someone to talk to. Each of you has probably saved my life in one way or another.


Pamela came with me to the doctor and then took me out to get a pizza. That made a huge difference. Thank you! xxxxx #timetotalk


To my mum. Who's seen me thru the worst things ever & helped me save my family & home, I love you mum! To my oldest son who has seen more than he should but has been such a support & gift. I'm so proud of who he is! & lastly to Julie, she's been the wind beneath my wings thru terror, darkness & pure simple sillyness she's been a rock. Thank you ju! Many people make small differences that build into a rope to hold on. Sometimes we don't need words, just hearing, letting say the things we feel & think & simply be there. Isolation is the worst although most people ill seek it, they don't really want it. So don't make it easy for the them to be alone. It's the little things that can make us smile. & help find your silly bone it works wonders xxxxxxxxx


my lovely besties, rani, nardeep and jaz, wonderful family and my adorable kids x espec the kids, as it’s not easy for them to witness their mum goin through the down times,but the endless support and just knowing they are there, even when I haven't made sense, means more than words can explain xx thank u x


EmilyMy best friend Tina was amazing when I was ill with depression, always there for me, thanks mate xx


My mum and dad, siblings, friends, GP and mental healthcare professionals. Recognising and asking for support and help when I needed it. Hugs to you and others Natalie xxx


my line manager has been terrific I’m back in work and thriving.


I had a couple of work colleagues contact me when I was off work, but one in particular (and not the person I would have expected) was absolutely brilliant. She regularly text, never giving up, and tried to encourage me to go out. I will never forget her support.


So very true... it may be small things, but they can have a big meaning, I'm currently detained in hospital [Sec2] and it’s those that do text and call that can make all the difference.


My straight talking bezzie Sally. We became friends for life when we started working with each other 10 yeas ago. Her way of getting me through my low periods are unique to say the least! Thank you, love you loads xxx My other bezzie Rosemarie. Another friend for life when I moved next door to her 14 years ago. Even though we live next door to each other we can go ages without really seeing each other (because of pesky work) but she's always there at the drop of a hat if I need her. Love you Shuffles xxx


To my mum and family who have helped me through a tough time in my life thankyou and love you all xx


Exactly a year ago I was completely broken. Many friends helped me initially but not many stayed in for the long haul. Katie, Nikki, Steven I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your understanding and just always being there, constantly supporting me throughout everything. Also Rachael,Debbie and Lee, you've picked me up so many times when I didn't think I could carry on so thanks go to you too. My final dedication goes to my mum, family and beautiful daughter Becky, without your unwavering love and support I wouldn't be here today. I love you all xxx


Couldn't have done it without my wonderful, generous, bighearted friends Melina , Kristin and Steve. In fact, all my Facebook friends have been amazingly supportive xoxo


My amazing husband David Green for all of his support and understanding when things get really tough and for accepting me just as I am. And my wonderful friend Margaret Downes for always dragging me out of the house when I would otherwise stay in feeling sorry for myself, for endless cups of tea, for looking after my children when I need a break, for spurring me on with my running & for being a brilliant friend. Xxx


My wife has been through all the highs and lows with me and never asks for anything in return. My kids are so special to me and know when im not at my best.


I wouldn't have made it without my family

I've been so blessed with my family's support. My mum visited me every single day she didn't work when I was in hospital. Pretty impressive seeing as I spent a total of a year-and-a-half in hospital. She kept me going. She's still my rock today. My dad, brothers and friends have all been so super. I feel very blessed.

Time To Talk

Couldn't have made the leap without my other half, Tom. He's been so patient and understanding for the past 12 years. Living with someone with an eating disorder is tough, but he never once gave up. I wish I could give you all a Tom... Don't give up. xAx

Dedication stories

I would like to extend a huge thank you to Trevor from Mind in Bradford for being such an enormous support over the last 8 months since my nervous collapse, which necessitated emergency hospital treatment and subsequent rehabilitation and recovery at Mind in Bradford. Trevor may sometimes appear to have a short fuse and be easily irritated or annoyed, but I know that he has a heart of gold with a driving passion to fight for the rights of people afflicted by mental health problems and indeed for disabled people which few if any can ever hope to match. With a quirky sense of humour and passion and interest int the life and times of Margaret Thacher, he has really been a pillar of strength since last autumn. I will always be eternally grateful to him.

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