February 25, 2014

amandaFor me, if there were just one person I could confide in there would be one less burden on my shoulders. All it takes is one friend to change someone’s life, change their perspective of people. Friends and family can be supportive at really low periods of mental illnesses. There is no need to suffer in silence. Knowing that someone is there by text or email at just a click of a button can be a lifeline to someone suffering from Depression or any other mental illness.

Just a short simple email once a week made me open up

The past couple of years have been a real struggle for me battling Depression and Anorexia and changing University courses. There has been one friend that I have relied upon for continued support and friendship that has been invaluable. My best friend Melissa has been my rock. She has helped me so much just by emailing a ‘Hey, How are you babe?’. Just a short simple email once a week made me open up and discuss many problems I have faced over the years.

Her words of encouragement have reassured me I’m loved

Being able to discuss my feelings with a friend has made me see a different perspective on life, a different perspective I cannot see as sometimes my illnesses distort and skew my perceptions of situations. She has been able to sit with me through the storm and battled against it with me. Her words of encouragement have reassured me I’m loved, I can get through recovery at a pace that suits me and not everyone has a stigmatised attitude to mental illnesses. She hasn’t labelled me crazy or treated me differently but accepted me for who I am and the illnesses I suffer from. That email is the smallest thing that has made a big difference.

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