February 5, 2015

My name is Joe and I have BPD, depression (persistent depressive disorder and chronic major depression), and anxiety, and have lived with these illnesses for over 30 years. Joe's blog

They have affected and continue to affect almost every part of my life - simple tasks like shopping, housework, looking after myself can often seem too much of an effort; BPD has left a string of broken and unhappy relationships, and makes it very hard to get close to anyone, such that I withdraw from social activities and become more and more isolated, which just fuels the depression, and so on in a vicious cycle that constantly gnaws away at what little confidence and self-esteem that I have.

My support comes from my dogs, my GP and my therapist, a couple of close friends who accept me for what I am and take my often erratic moods in their stride without ever questioning or complaining, and my medications!

My hope for the future is that with the support and help that I now receive I will be able to slowly build a life for myself, hopefully such that I can open up more. But more that that, I hope that the access to treatments for mental health issues are equal countrywide and that everyone who suffers has the necessary resources to turn to for help.

I will be taking 5 to spread mental health awareness and help reduce the stigma and isolation that we face every day; and to show that a few kind words, however insignificant they might seem, can mean the world to someone suffering.

This blog is part of the Time to Talk Day 2015 #Take5ToBlog initiative. 

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