October 10, 2013

World Mental Health Day, let's talk about mental healthAs mental health continues to make the headlines, some of the most influential figures and organisations in politics and finance are joining forces with Time to Change and taking part in a number of activities to mark World Mental Health Day 2013.

Find out more about some of the activities we're taking part in today.

We'll update this page with a selection of the latest photos, and news, quotes, events and tweets happening on to celebrate World Mental Health day.

Latest news, photos, quotes, events and tweets:

Norman Lamb at parliamentary reception

Andy Burnham signs mental health pledge

NUS World Mental Health Day event

Rafiki project

Tower Hamlets Homes make mental health pledges

Berkshire event

University of Grenwich, World Mental Health Day

Nick Clegg signs mental health pledge

Norman Lamb

Nick Clegg at mental health event

Organisational pledge

Houses of Parliament

Sussex University Student's Union are holding a well-being tree in Library Square, free drop-in yoga sessions in the Meeting House from 12 noon-2pm and an online mental health photography competition.

The Multimedia Arts Project will be holding a public event at St Pauls Crossing in Walsall, WS1 3ER. The event will be an awareness raising event as part of World Mental Health day, the vent will use music and film to attract audiences as well as carrying out questionnaires.

I pledge to talk about my depression

Time to Talk tattoos

Exeter's World Mental Health Day, 10am-5pm - a day of fun and festivities in which we will celebrate Exeter’s World Mental Health Day. There will be a veritable extravaganza of stalls, workshops, arts and crafts classes and live music. Everyone is welcome and it's all for free! - find out more >>

Anxiety Arts festival London taster event, 2-4pm (closed event). This event is being held at Brixton prison. The event will tackle mental health stigma and discrimination in the prison.

Bananas Art Group in Sutton

Music Group, Soundwaves in Cambridgeshire are holding a special rockaoke night on 11th Oct and are asking people to come and perform

Share your story

Too many people are made to feel ashamed. By sharing your story, you can help spread knowledge and perspective about mental illness that could change the way people think about it.


World Mental Health Day, East London

You can beat it, I have suffered depression and mental illness for thirty years off and on, whilst working the whole time. It's not easy but don't give up, there are peaople out there to speak to, it does help.

World Mental Health Day

Please join us and partner agencies for our World Mental Health Day online meeting 5.30pm to 7.30pm www.cumbria.police.uk/mentalhealthday

Nothing going on in the north

Nothing going on in the north Wales area very poor in services and everything I could write a book bout it all and cry with despair for my son who suffers serve mental health need someone to talk to

Hi Janice, sorry to hear that

Hi Janice, sorry to hear that you’re going through a difficult time at the moment. Mind and Rethink both run really good online communities where you can share advice and your experiences with other people who may have been through similar things in a safe environment. You can find RethinkTalk here http://www.rethink.org/talk/ and Mind’s Elefriends here: http://elefriends.org.uk/ Rethink and Mind both also run excellent infolines that you can get in touch with for confidential advice and information. You can find call Mind on 0300 123 3393 (9am-5pm Monday to Friday) or email info@mind.org.uk and call Rethink on 0300 5000 927 (10am-2pm Monday to Friday) or email info@rethink.org

Il try them are caters

Il try them are caters entitled to have breaks from caring only done 12 years !


Hi So sorry you can't find help in North Wales. I had the same problem in Lnacster although a bit better. Try 'Chipmunka.com' who are mental health publishers. They published two of my diary/books in eBook form but then published them in Paperback as they liked them. My books are called 'Happy daft' 1 and 2. Have a look around the site which is quite large. It is run by an ex sort of city 'whizz kid' who had a breakdown and suffered severe depression. he now gives corporate talks across the World inc Virgin, Microsoft etc etc Jason Pegler is his name and he's a very nice, approachable chap who will give advice or perhaps publish 'your' book on Depression etc as we all have a different experience. Anyway Good Luck and kind regards for you and your son You're certainly not alone anymore David

Hello From Hoboken, New

Hello From Hoboken, New Jersey USA. I wish you were here. I admire your work.


I only realised that today was WMHD purely by chance while on Twitter. I am shocked that more has not been made of this very important day globally. For this reason I have blogged about the campaign 'Time to Change' in the hope that it reaches someone, anyone. http://trendettethinky.wordpress.com/2013/10/10/world-mental-health-day-more-press-please/

World Mental Health Day

Today Mind in Mid Herts participated in three events across Mid Herts. In Hitchin and Stevenage we held a pop up stand in both town centres with collaborative art project to raise awareness of the Five Ways to Wellbeing. 5 canvasses decorated by the public - one for each theme. Connect- Awareness- Giving- Learning - Active. In St Albans we hosted a community Open event between our services, the neighbouring cafe and the Yoga Hall. All good stuff.

mental health and wellbeing

World Mental Health Day is worth celebrating - we all have something to celebrate - recovery is a long road, but there are plenty of us on it! Here's to everyone on that road.

Local authorities

I have had a battle over the last year with my local council after my daughter was placed in a hostel after a period of hospitalization.She is only 20 and has been really unfairly treated.Funny thing though today I finally managed to finish the 2 page letter of complaint and sent it this morning,I was unaware that it was national mental health day!!! I suggested that maybe there should be more training for staff especially in hostels,I cannot believe that my daughter is the first person living in a hostel who gets mentally unwell sometimes!!!!! Local authorities surely should have some awareness that suitable housing is one of the biggest factors to improve someones mental health!

A Good but Challenging Day

Today my friend, Mark Buttifant, and I delivered a presentation to about 40 police officers and staff regarding our personal stories of our depression. We used the Black Dog film to show how most of us have or do suffer. At the conclusion we asked all to write a pledge with Time to Change and for Sussex Police to champion February 6th 2014. A real effort to give my story, warts and all, but I hope we have achieved something today.


I have been dealing with Mental Health issues with my daughter for the last 12 years and I think it is appalling (and that's putting it politely) not the people who work in the system but the system itself

Help in North Wales

Aberconwy Mind in Llandudno are very helpful and do a range of things to help people who need support, help or somebody to talk to. Give them a call on 01492 879 907. Even if you can't get down there they'll know somebody close to you who can help. You are not alone in finding solutions. It can be hard but there are people who can help Good Luck x

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