Creative writing: blogs and personal stories

You don't have to speak to talk about mental health - writing, poetry, art, music are all good ways to tell people what it's like to have a mental health condition and why we should end the stigma.

Read creative pieces from those who experience and have experienced mental illness.

Feeling proud, happy, and depressed - all at the same time

It is hard to be suicidal when you have a full time job, a four year old and a husband who adores you.

It is difficult to accept you are feeling suicidal when you have your son’s arms wrapped around you, work is going well and your husband is singing funny songs to make you both laugh.

It is a struggle to even accept you are wading through suicidal thoughts, while watching your four year old practice for a mother’s day assembly, where he will be singing 'Supermum' at top volume, while giving you the best jazz hands you have seen this side of 1999.


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