Supporting a spouse or partner with a mental health problem can be scary and challenging - it can be tough to know what to do, or how to be helpful. These stories, by people with mental health problems and the loved ones who have supported them, could provide some useful tips and insight. 

The hardest thing was telling her I needed help

Photo of man riding a bike | Marc is a Time to Change bloggerI have struggled and battled with depression, for several years - albeit unbeknown to me. I took to drink to disguise what I was feeling inside.

I went down this path for many years - from the age of 17 until I was around 30. I am surprised that I am still alive.

Step by step, day by day: living with depression in a relationship

Photo of Time to Change blogger EricMy second bout of severe depression started when I was happy with life. My girlfriend of over ten years had just moved in with me in London where I had started working two years before. I had just been awarded a teaching prize at work and I was also exercising regularly but below the surface things were not all well.

How to approach mental illness in a relationship - together

Time to Change blogger Shea and her partnerWhen I met my boyfriend, I had been diagnosed with bipolar for about four years, and in that four years, I had refused to date or even get close to anyone. I initially saw my bipolar as a death sentence, something that would repel everyone around me. So when I met A online, I was initially scared to get close to him.