Short blogs

These blogs are 'short reads' - they are never more than 450 words, which makes them great for reading on the go, or reading when you have a spare moment.

Short blogs (also known as "StoryShorts") feature all the same things that other Time to Change blogs do: they are written by people who have personal experience of mental illness, or support a friend or family member with their mental health problems, and cover a wide range of situations where people have shared their mental health experience, or faced stigma. 

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I was named and shamed for both my schizophrenia and being transgender

At the age of two I was adopted. I was a mixed heritage child, placed with a white family. My early recollections were of brutality. I was born in the mid-50s. My white mother and I were sitting on a train and a man verbally abused my mother because he thought she was married to a black man. Racial tension was blatant. I saw my first black person at the age of 12 because we lived in the quaint streets of suburbia.

I am a mental health nurse and I have experienced mental health problems

As part of my job, I would encounter mental illness every time I went to work. I loved my job as a mental health nurse as I got to work with very vulnerable people and aid them in starting their recovery journey. I'd had my own mental health issues in the past and had spent the last 4 years on antidepressant medication to help with my low moods. I remained on antidepressants throughout my pregnancy to help stabilise my moods alongside my turbulent hormone levels. I wasn't fazed by it as I thought, as a mental health nurse, I could handle it. 


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