1 in 6 British workers are affected by conditions like anxiety and depression every year. It is a myth that people with mental health problems can’t work. With the right support people with mental health problems perform vital roles in workplaces across the country.

However, mental health stigma and discrimination in the workplace remain an issue. The blogs below are written by people who have experience of mental illness in the workplace and show the different ways people can react.

By writing about their experiences they aim to raise awareness of the issue and challenge stereotypes around something that can affect all of us. Pledge to talk about your experiences of mental health >>

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My 3 experiences of mental health stigma

August 28, 2012

Liz, a Time to Change bloggerIn 2003 I was diagnosed with Bipolar. I had been through the depression and now was completely manic (thinking I had special powers). I ended up being sectioned and spent a month in hospital getting better.

I’ve experienced stigma associated with Bipolar in many different forms since I was diagnosed. I’ve written about some of these experiences below: