Four new Time to Change hubs announced

Today four new Time to Change hubs have been launched, in Bristol, Nottingham, Waltham Forest and Worcestershire, to change how we all think and act about mental health locally.

Time to Change hubs are networks of local organisations and individuals committed to ending negative attitudes and behaviours towards people experiencing mental health problems in their communities.

Two thirds of people feel they have no one to talk to about personal problems such as mental health

New figures, released on Time to Talk Day (1 February), reveal two thirds (66%)[1] of people in the UK feel they have no one to talk to when it comes to personal conversations on topics such as mental health, money problems and relationships. When asked why, the top reasons were: never being able to find the right time, or the right place.

New research shows Brits happier to discuss sex than mental health at work

New data reveals Brits would rather talk to their colleagues about relationship issues, money problems and even sex, than broach the topic of mental health.

A survey for Time to Change of 2,000 [1] British workers suggests mental health remains one of the last taboos in the workplace, showing that, despite progress, there is still a lot more work to do in 2018 to combat the stigma of mental health.

When asked to select from a list the topics they felt they could talk openly about with their colleagues:

1 in 3 young people are ‘stepping in’ to help a mate with a mental health problem - but many of those affected still face negative treatment from peers

A survey of 3,500 young people (11-18), [1] carried out for mental health campaign Time to Change, found that over a third of young people (34%) had done something to support or stick up for someone with a mental health problem.