Performing at a non-mental health comedy, spoken word or music event is a great way to share your experience with an audience who don’t already know about mental health. It’s a way to share your talents or learn a new skill. You could attend a regular event and bring in material about your experience, changing people’s ideas about what someone with a mental health problem is like.

Planning and preparing your activity

Where will you do it?

Look around your local area for comedy, storytelling and music nights that you might perform at and ask organisers about having a slot. You can also search for “open mic” nights in Google or in Meetup.

Promoting your activity

You don’t need to promote your activity as the venue should do that for you.

Materials you may need

The main material is the written material for your routine. Consider who your audience is, what they might like to hear about and what might open up a discussion about mental health. Try talking to other people who have performed at the event for some tips, and practice delivering your routine within the time slot you have agreed. Try to avoid areas that feel too sensitive or painful at the moment. If it feels hard performing your routine to friends and family, think about how it will feel in front of an audience of strangers.

You might also like to print off a few Time to Change leaflets to hand out afterwards.

On the day

Ask some friends or other Champions to come along to support you before, during and after your performance. Make sure to talk to people in the breaks and afterwards if you can.

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