One of the most important steps in starting a group is to find members. There are lots of things you could do to make this easier. We've put together some ideas.


Ask people you know

Do you know other people with experience of a mental health problem who might like to do something to help people in their community open up to mental health? If you already have contacts, this might be the best place to start looking.


Advertise on the Time to Change website

You can advertise your group here. This means Champions who are looking for something to do in their area will be able to find you.


Ask local organisations

You could contact local mental health organisations such as Mind and Rethink to see if they will promote your group. If there are any health and wellbeing events happening locally, you could also see if they will let you run a stall to recruit members.


Put up a poster

You could print out a Time to Change poster and advertise with local mental health organisations or in community venues.


Top Tip: Be clear about what your group is and what it isn't. Make sure people know that you are a group who want to change how people locally think and act about mental health, rather than a support group or a group that can offer support and advice.