Asset mapping is a way to get some of the things you need for your event or activity without spending too much money. The words "asset mapping" may sound complicated, but actually the idea's simple. It’s just a case of thinking about the skills and resources that you have, that the Champions have who are helping you plan your activity, and in other people in the community, and how they might help your activity. It might be useful to fill in the example table.

Have a think about what you need for your activity, like a venue, and perhaps some equipment or refreshments. Next have a think about the people you know and the services in your community. You may know someone who works in an office and would be able to print posters to advertise your activity. You may also know someone who is a wonderful baker and would love to make some treats for your fundraising bake sale.

If your activity needs items like pens, paper, tea or coffee, you can try approaching local businesses to see if this is something they can provide for free. Many businesses, even large supermarket chains, will sometimes happily provide some supplies for small local events or activities. Identify exactly what you need, have a think about where you can find it, and don’t be afraid to ask for it.