Not all social contact events and activities need money. Take a look at the activity generator for event and activity ideas, and whether you will need money for your activity.


Planning your budget

If you do have or will need some money for your activity, these are some ideas of how to draw up a budget:

  • Firstly, work out how much money you already have available to spend on your activity.
  • Then have a think about what your activity will include, and work out how much money you will need to cover everything. It’s a good idea to plan some extra money into your budget, just in case something happens, or something costs more than expected –  try to include an extra 10% on top of your final figure if possible.

Do you have enough? If not, don’t worry, take a look at the fundraising and asset mapping pages for ideas on how to top up your budget


Keeping track

Keep a track of everything you spend using a table like the one below. This will help you stay on track and know how much money you have left. The "Item" column will vary depending on what event you choose to do and what you need to pay for. Click here for the Excel version.