Time to Change Champions campaign groups are a great opportunity to bring people together who share similar experiences and passions. We have some great tips on where to get started if you decide this is something for you. 


Linking up with other Champions

Looking for other people to help you with a one off event? If you've had a look through the campaign portal and feel you would like to do something, but it seems too much to do alone, this section might help. 


Register a Champions campaign group

Are you looking for new group members? Add your group to our map here


What is a campaign group? 

Starting a group gives you a chance to do things in a way that works for you. Here you can find information and resources, as well as tips about sharing ideas and skills. Groups are a great way to create long-lasting

change in your area, but they can also be a fun, valuable and meaningful experience.

Here you can find out what a group is and how they campaign


Planning your meetings

Things you might like to think about when you're planning when and where to meet


Your first meeting

You've got some people who want to campaign, but where do you start? Here are some tips for the first time you meet


Keeping safe

How to keep safety in mind when you're planning your meetings and activities


Dealing with conflict

Sometimes, even in a group of the most passionate like-minded people, conflict can happen. Here are some guidelines for how you might deal with it and more forward


Advertising your group

Struggling to find members? Here are some ideas 


Mark's experience

Here you can take a look at a film of how Mark went about setting up his campaign group and what they do together.


Remember: you can use the rest of the Campaign Portal to get ideas of what you might like to do as a group and how to go about doing it.


Thank you to Time to Change Champion Katie Clarke-Day, who wrote content for these pages.