There are times when you might have to think about practical things to bring your creative ideas for Time to Change activity to life!

Not every Time to Change activity will need electrical equipment and there is lots you can do without using it, however some activities might.  If you plan to serve hot drinks outside, you will need a kettle or water boiler and if you are doing a presentation or showing films, you will need items such as a laptop, projector and speakers.

At an event that needs electrical equipment  it’s important to fully think through what you need. The main things  are:

  • The power supply you need
  • Keeping everything safe and legal

Planning is the key to making sure everything goes smoothly on the day. Work out exactly what electrical equipment you will need and check with the venue that the right power supply is available. For outdoor events, you might need a generator and it’s important to tell the hire company exactly what you will be using, as even a kettle or water boiler could need a lot of power.


Health and Safety advice

It can be riskier to use electrical equipment at an event, especially if you are outside and in potentially wet conditions. Check out the Health and Safety Executive's website for ways to keep your event safe.


Things to think about

If you need an electrical supply, the main things to think about are:

  • How much power do you need? Check with the venue or generator hire company.
  • Do you have enough sockets and cable? It’s always worth visiting your venue in advance to check where the supply comes from in your activity space.
  • Ensure that any cable you use is not a trip hazard – make sure it is not trailing in places where anyone could come in to contact with it. This might require you to use cable matting, which some venues will supply but otherwise you will need to acquire some.
  • All electrical equipment will need to have a Portable Appliance Test (PAT) certificate. All equipment needs to have a PAT on a yearly basis and costs £5-10 per item. An internet search for Portable Appliance Testers will help you find testers in your area. Once a piece of equipment passes the test, a sticker is attached to it, including the date of the test and you will receive a certificate listing all items tested, which you can show to the venue where your event will take place.

Top Tip: Have a practice run with any electrical equipment before your activity starts to make sure everything is working as it should.