Sometimes it can be hard to end a conversation. But it’s also really important that we speak to as many people as possible, and preferably people who don’t have their own experience of mental health problems. This is because we try to challenge people’s stigma and attitudes so we try not to spend too long talking to like minded people . Here are some tips from Time to Change Change Champions.

  • Start to talk about what they might like to do next e.g. by saying “So what are you going to do this afternoon?” to get them thinking about ending the conversation and their next steps.
  • Say “I’d love to talk more, but I’ve got to go and speak to some other people today” – you could then invite them to check out the website if they have any more questions.
  • See if there’s anything nice and honest that you can say about the impact the conversation has had on you e.g. “I know I’ve got a lot out of this conversation, I really felt that you listened to me.”
  • Be firm but be flattering , saying something like “Thank you for your time – I just hope the other people I speak to today are as nice as you.”
  • If you need to, you can also make excuses e.g. “I have to go on a break now” or even “I'm sorry, but I need the loo!”