Fundraising for your event, activity or group doesn’t need to be hard: think small and work with what you already have. Just remember to let everyone know that you are raising money so that you can hold an anti-stigma activity, not fundraising directly for Time to Change. All of the following ideas can take place in your own home with your friends and family, at your workplace, in a place of worship or community centre.


A bake sale or food sale

You can make food yourself or ask others to bring along some treats as well. Ask for a small donation for each item (this is less complicated legally than charging a set amount) and put up labels to let people know how much you suggest. You could include a cake raffle too!


Clothes swapping

A very popular idea and an easy way to get rid of stuff that’s cluttering up your home. Ask people to bring along clean, unwanted clothes or household items and make a small donation to take part.


A sponsored event

These don’t have to be hard work! Instead of running a marathon you could hold a sponsored silence for a day, walk to work instead of getting the bus, or give up chocolate or coffee for a week, or even a month! 


Chris' experience of fundraising

Chris found local partners in his community who were happy to give his group some money towards the event once he explained what it was about. Take a look at his film below.


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