Yep, you heard us right! Our events and activities around mental health aren’t aimed at people with mental health problems. This is because we use social contact i.e. we talk about our own experience to change people’s attitudes and this works the best when people aren’t interested in or don't know much about mental health to start with.

Here are some tricks for reaching people who aren’t interested in mental health:

  • Do an activity that isn’t obviously about mental health and then bring the conversation around to mental health – for some more ideas see our activity generator
  • Go to a venue that doesn’t have anything to do with mental health e.g. rather than doing an activity at your local Mind, you could attend a Pride event, go to your local supermarket or pop up at a pub quiz
  • Either don’t advertise your event or advertise it without saying it’s about mental health – mental health events tend to attract people interested in mental health rather than people whose attitudes we want to change, so you could either pop up in a busy area unannounced, or advertise the event as something else e.g. “street party”, “picnic”
  • Try not to use too much Time to Change branding, e.g. on T-shirts, posters, as it might attract people with mental health problems, rather than people whose attitudes we want to change