Sometimes it can be hard to know how to get the conversation started about your mental health experience. But every conversation we have brings us closer to ending the stigma around mental health. By sharing your experience, you are showing people that mental health is a normal subject that doesn’t need to be hidden or avoided.


Getting the conversation started

  • Talk about something that isn’t mental health to start with – this can help people relate to you so that they are then more open to your experiences
  • It can help to have an activity to engage people with e.g. arts and crafts or games – you can then talk about this with them and transition to talking about mental health
  • Comment on what’s going on around you e.g. “This is a lovely old building, isn’t it? Have you been here before?”
  • Notice something about the other person e.g. “Those are beautiful earrings – where did you get them?”
  • If someone doesn’t want to talk to you, try not to take it to heart – it’s not about you, they’re probably just busy or on their way somewhere.