A good venue can make an event and a bad venue can make things a lot more difficult, so make sure you choose carefully! The venue you choose will depend on the type of activity you’re holding.


Pop-up activities

These are activities where people don't know you're going to be there before e.g. a pledge wall on your local high street. They're great for reaching people who aren't interested in mental health.

  • Who are your audience? Is your venue in a place that will attract the people you want to reach?
  • Does it have a lot of people walking through?
  • Is your event outdoor? If so you’ll need to think about the weather, and maybe have a back up plan if it’s wet!


Advertised activities

This could be something like a coffee morning in a community venue.

  • Is it possible to get your venue for free? Take a look at the asset mapping page for more information 
  • Does your chosen venue have the equipment you need, such as chairs and tables? Or would you need to bring them in separately?
  • Is it big enough for the number of people you’d like to attract?


Getting permission

Getting permission is really important. Even if the venue is a public place, you'll need to get in touch with the Council and talk through your plans.  

  • If you would like to hold your activity in a venue such as a town square, a park or shopping street, you will have to contact your local Council to find out who owns the land, and then contact that person. 
  • To hold an activity in a shopping centre you could have a look at the 'contact us' page on the shopping centre's website. You can then email or phone them, and ask to speak to the centre manager. 
  • There are many smaller venues that you could choose for your activity. If they are local to you, you could drop by in person to ask permission. Or you could email them if you prefer, and maybe add in some information about Time to Change, why you are a Time to Change Champion, and what you hope your activity will achieve. This will help people empathise with you, understand the campaign, and be more likely to give permission. 


Once you’ve chosen your venue, make sure you take a look at the health and safety and public liability insurance pages.