Time to Change Champion Campaign Groups bring people together who have their own experience of mental health problems and who want to change how we all think and act about mental health. Groups across England take the campaign against stigma into their own communities, workplaces and places of education. Through sharing their own experience through social contact activities they help their neighbours, friends, colleagues and community open up to mental health.

"A couple of years ago I decided to sign up as a Champion for Time to Change - I saw it as a way to turn my negative experiences with mental health into a positive. Little did I know that I would become a Champion Campaign Group leader. I have found my Champion journey has been an amazing one and I have grown in confidence with each event we hold." Elisse, East of England Champion

It can be fun, valuable and meaningful to work with people who have similar experiences and passions. As a group you can decide how you want to tackle mental health stigma in your community based on your interests and skills. You could work with a community that you are a member of or have a particular interest in e.g. Champions have run events aimed at the LGB&T community and African and Caribbean communities; or you could use something you can do from elsewhere e.g.  run an arts and crafts event based on skills you already have. 

If this sounds good, take a look through this section. We've put together everything you need to get started!