Step by step guide: 
  1. Identify a board to use
  2. Get permission from a teacher
  3. Download some materials from our website to print and stick up. You might want to use:
    • Pledge sheets so your classmates can say what they will do to campaign against mental health stigma 
    • Posters to encourage your classmates to be in their mate's corner 


4. Tell all your peers about it

5. Set up a lunchtime one day for teachers and students to fill it in. 


I've done this ❯

Well done! We're one step closer to ending the shame and isolation felt by people with mental health problems.

Next, inspire others to do the same by sharing what you've done on our change makers wall or find your next action.

this takes: 
you can do this: 
at school
Why is this important?: 
1 in 10 young people will experience a mental health problem. Showing your classmates that mental health is an important topic, and starting conversations around it, will help encourage them to be there for their mates.