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When it comes to openness about mental health, few places are more important to address than our workplaces. Download our materials and place them at your work to get people thinking and talking: 

  1. Download our email banner, screensaver and poster.
  2. Put them in the right place, whether on the wall or in your email. You might need permission to put up posters or change your email signature, so make sure you ask if you need to.
  3. Ask colleagues what they think of our campaign – it’s a great way of getting conversations started about mental health at work.

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Well done! We're one step closer to ending the shame and isolation felt by people with mental health problems.

Next, inspire others to do the same by sharing what you've done on our change makers wall or find your next action.

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in the workplace
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Spreading positive messages at work might be a small gesture, but it will help your colleagues to be more confident talking about mental health in the workplace.