Step by step guide: 
  1. Ask a teacher if they’d consider doing an assembly or lesson about mental health.
  2. Tell them how much you value mental health education in your school, and how you think it’s important to start conversations about it.
  3. Have some stats on hand: did you know that 26 per cent of young people with a mental illness say that the stigma attached to the condition has made them want to give up on life?
  4. Show them resources and case studies from Time to Change
  5. Get them to deliver an assembly if possible, and encourage them to sign up our mailing list. 

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Well done! We're one step closer to ending the shame and isolation felt by people with mental health problems.

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at school
Why is this important?: 
If your teacher spends some time talking to your classmates about mental health, it might get them to think about the topic differently, and help them to be more supportive to their friends and others who are going through a hard time.