Step by step guide: 
  1. Download our cover photo or ready-made social media image
  2. Post it to your profile. If you have something to say about mental health, put a message alongside it. Let people know why you want to change the conversation about mental health!
  3. Wait and see what happens! You never know, your post might generate some conversation, so be prepared for some messages or comments. 

I've done this ❯

Well done! We're one step closer to ending the shame and isolation felt by people with mental health problems.

Next, inspire others to do the same by sharing what you've done on our change makers wall or find your next action.

this takes: 
you can do this: 
Why is this important?: 
Posting on social media is a good way to get people to sit up and think about mental health in a different way, and it doesn’t take much effort!