Should a Time to Change Hub focus on one Health & Wellbeing Board / Local Authority's area, or can a Hub work across a region / sub-region?

We expect Hubs to focus on one Health & Wellbeing Board or Local Authority's area, or a smaller area within the remit of one of these bodies. However we will accept applications from neighbouring Health & Wellbeing Board or Local Authorities working together and consider this on a case-by-case basis.

What is the expected geographic reach of the Time to Change Hubs?

There are no minimum or maximum expectations as to the size of the population Hubs should aim to cover in their work.

We are a Local Mind / other voluntary sector organisation / Time to Change Champion: how can we become a Time to Change Hub?

We would ideally like applications to be led by Health & Wellbeing Boards and/or Local Authority Public Health Departments. We think this will give us the best chance of embedding far-reaching anti-stigma and discrimination work within local areas’ long term strategic priorities. With this in mind, if your Local Mind works with your Local Authority Public Health Department or Health & Wellbeing Board we would really appreciate it if you would consider encouraging them to apply and, in so doing, to work with you and other local partners to bring a Time to Change Hub to your area.

We can't deliver what Time to Change proposes for just £15,000.

We appreciate that £15,000 (with an additional £10,000 fund available for local people to apply for) is a relatively small amount of funding. There are several reasons for this amount being provided which we are happy to discuss in detail. However, we believe that the support we will offer and the nature of this initiative means that extensive funds are not absolutely necessary.

We are potentially very interested in bringing a Hub to our area; can you tell us about what Time to Change has been doing in our area?

The chances are there has been a lot of Time to Change activity in your area already. If you would like to discuss this then let us know and we'll put you in touch with our Time to Change Coordinator for your region.

Can our organisation make several separate applications if we have several areas within our remit? 

Yes, you could consider making separate applications for each area within your remit, although the applications would in effect be in competition with each other as well as with other applications from the region you work in. Alternatively you might decide that you could make a Hub work effectively across all the areas you cover. If that was the case we would consider an application covering all of these areas. If you feel this would be too large an area within which to build an effective Time to Change movement, another option might be to choose one of the areas which your organisation works in to focus on.

Would an application for several areas within our remit to receive separate pots of funding be possible?

Unfortunately we'd be unable to work with several Hubs in the same region this year, we are only able to work with one Hub in each of the regions we have approached.